Feedback from the International Conference on Electrolysis (ICE2017)

Hydrox Holdings Ltd. had a successful conference where our team showcased the Divergent Electrode-Flow-Through (DEFTTM) technology to both a scientific and industrial audience, which generated much interest from both sides. The same issues that have been plaguing the uptake of membrane electrolysis technologies into industry, such as high CAPEX and OPEX costs, high resistances and low reliability were yet again highlighted. New connections and knowledge was gained from the experience with key industry players noting interest in our unique “green” membraneless inexpensive water electrolysis technology. We have been involved in meaningful discussions as a result, forging the way ahead toward commercialisation of the (DEFTTM) technology.

2017-11-30T10:27:16+00:00 September 18th, 2017|Latest Developments|