By incorporating all positive design criteria developed to date, to improve on performance and gas purities, a
scalable and simplistic Mono-Circular Filter Press (MCFP) reactor has been developed and tested for the
Divergent Electrode-Flow-Through (DEFT™) membraneless alkaline electrolysis technology. An improved gas/
liquid separation methodology was utilised, which allows for hydrogen and oxygen gas purities of 99.81 and
99.50 vol% respectively, at the optimal flow velocity of 0.075ms-1 and an electrode gap of 2.5 mm. Circular
30mm mesh electrodes were utilised, with each electrode pair having its own independant pressurised chamber,
with a unique indirect injection mechanism for the electrolyte. By incorporating a gas purge ensures that gas
purity is maintained for long operational periods. By utilising a Ni/Ni catalyst combination, a current density of
1.14 A cm-2 at 2.5 VDC was obtained at a flow velocity of 0.075m.s-1, 60 °C, and an electrode gap of 2.5 mm. In
utilising a double layer of mesh, with the same specification, and experimental conditions, a current density of
1.91 A cm-2 at 2.5 VDC was realised, providing evidence for the effectiveness of multi-layered porous electrodes
for the DEFT™ principle. Future improvements will focus on reducing the footprint and electrolytic flow velocity
for the technology.

Link: Science Direct