• About Hydrox Holdings


To unlock the use of hydrogen as the fuel of the future through the development of novel type low cost electrolysis modules, in the aim of preserving our planet for future generations.

Hydrox Holding’s unique Divergent-Electrode-Flow-Through (DEFTTM) technology and applications of Advanced Alkaline Electrolysers (AAE), unlock inexpensive hydrogen production from renewable energy sources operating off reliable principles.


Cost effective methods

We have a clear passion and drive toward developing cost effective methods to produce hydrogen. Current water electrolysis technologies remain uncompetitive in contrast to methods of deriving hydrogen from fossil fuel sources. Hydrox Holdings Ltd. aims to offer a simplistic and sustainable approach to alkaline water electrolysis by developing a technology that is cost effective in contrast to existing water electrolysis technologies making hydrogen accessible to all.

Inexpensive hydrogen

Hydrox Holding’s unique Divergent-Electrode-Flow-Through (DEFTTM) technology unlocks inexpensive hydrogen production from renewable energy sources operating off a reliable simplistic principle. Additionally, our Advanced Alkaline Electrolyser (AAE) technology enables us to utilise our expertise, technology, and experience to expand into a commercial “green” hydrogen producer for both the South African and broader African hydrogen market.


Corrie is a consulting senior commercial lawyer and previously chairman of Snyman de Jager Attorneys. Corrie is the founder and CEO of Hydrox Holdings and has been the driving force for development. Through this, the company has evolved as the leading exponent of membraneless technology.

Corrie de Jager


Martin is a well-known businessman with the vision of a pollution free environment through hydrogen energy. He has been involved since inception in the financing of Hydrox Holdings’ projects.

Martin Pols


Paul is the managing director of DemcoTECH Engineering with over 30 years of project experience in the power generation and mining sectors from concept studies to implementation. Paul has a considerable amount of experience in managing both local and international turnkey projects.

Paul van de Vyver


George is the managing director of Power Dynamics (Pty)Ltd. which manufactures power electronic equipment for the mining sector. He is the inventor of Hydrox Holding’s DEFT™ technology and continues to provide invaluable guidance in development projects.

George Anagnostopoulos


Koos gained experience as director of 82 companies, in the capacity of Financial Director, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and Non-Executive Director. He also served on Investment Advising Committees for several notable companies. At present, with his exceptional negotiation skills, leadership and a broad general knowledge, Koos manages multiple affluent business enterprises entailing farming, manufacturing, and property development.

Koos de la Rey


Lizanne is a qualified chartered accountant, with comprehensive experience in corporate tax and in leading financial strategies. She has a proven ability to constantly challenge and improve existing processes and systems which is of great value to Hydrox Holdings Ltd.

Lizanne Botha


Andrew is the technical director of DemcoTECH Engineering and has extensive project and design experience in the field of materials handling. He has been instrumental in the supervision of the design and testing of many of our developmental pilot plants.

Andrew Woollon

Company Advisor