Research test rigs were developed to facilitate the development of DEFT™. Each purpose made test rig incorporated its own unique reactor.

Advanced Alkaline Electrolyser (AAE) (2021)

Hydrox Holdings Ltd. AAE technology has been demonstrated with integration in a full balance of plant with production capacities noted as small scale. To expand into a commercial “green” hydrogen producer we are developing high-capacity and efficient AAE’s as a solution for both the local and broader African hydrogen market.

GameChanger Phase 3 DEFTTM plant 2.5 Nm3/hr (2020)

This represents our first pre-commercial small scale plant utilising a larger version of our bi-mono circular filter press reaction and is the first ever commercial scale membraneless alkaline electrolysis system of its kind.

Larger Bi-mono circular filter press (2018)

To facilitate a solution that can practically scale DEFTTM, a 230 mm ring shaped electrode was developed, and now represents an ideal compact solution for reactor capacities up to 20 kg H2 / day.

Bi-mono circular filter press (2018)

Pilot plant 5 incorporated a larger circular ring shaped electrode (110mm) making use of circumferential injection from both the inner and outer annulus.

Circular electrode filter press (2017)

Circular electrode filter press utilised a filter press design principle with singular cavity circumferential flow for multiple 30mm circular electrodes.

Filter press stack (2016)

The third pilot plant design principle was altered to a filter press stack design that incorporated 4 electrode pairs (20mmx400mm) featuring unidirectional flow of electrolyte through each pair.

Scaled circular electrode stack (2016)

The number of electrode pairs were increased to 49 circular electrodes each 30 mm in diameter and involving circumferential flow.

Circular electrode concept test (2013)

One of the first pilot plants, it entailed a concept that consisted of 6 electrode pairs operating within a shared ‘sump’. The electrodes were 30 mm in diameter and the technology involved circumferential flow.